Workshops with Kseniia Krasnova 12-16 October

Folklore Program:

15 October @Atelier SOL
16:00-17:15 Chacarera basics – Chacarera
Step. Embrace. Contact. Structure of chacarera simple.
17:30-18:45 Zamba basics – “Zamba – art of hug without touching”
What the interaction in zamba is based on. Basics of movement and communication. Zamba step and circular movement.
21:00-01:30 Milonga San Pugliese with DJ Gianpio Cappucci. Book the milonga online and get a free welcome drink! 😉
16 October @Atelier SOL
15:00-16:15 How to embrace your partner through the distance, play, interact and keep the connection in chacarera.
16:30-17:45 Zamba basics – Pañuelo- language of communication in dance. Traditional movements with the pañuelo and finding your own expression and interaction with the partner
18:00-22:00 Milonga La Noche de la Morocha

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Tango Program:

Wednesday, 12 October, 19:30-20:45, Weekly Class with Helmut, @Atelier SOL
Friday, 14 October, 19:30-20:45, Workshop on Process of Embracing @Galeria Ideal, afterwards Milonga
Communication in a dance. How to talk and to listen through the movement. Different tensions and shades of embrace according to different music.
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About Kseniia Krasnova:

Kseniia‘s first deep dive to Argentinian folklore was 8 years ago with performance and classes of Emilio Cornejo on tango festival in Odessa and motivated her to travel to Argentina and explore it during months she lived there. Since than she never stopped developing her dance and gathered experience by such maestros as: Emilio Cornejo, Candelaria Torres, Maria Moreno, Fernando Montivero, Jesus Gorgone, Ivan Vivas, Semyon Kukormin, Flor Vikhnovich and others.
Both her dance and teaching are determined by her profession of actress and theater/film director and by her direct and genuine character.
Her professional acting trainings and experience helped her to form very efficient teaching method that helps to understand own body in context with emotions and results in free movement that brings joy and opens a new universe of sensations in a dance.
Her sincere and charismatic personality is inseparable guide for beautiful journey she gladly shares with others