Compilation of Famous Tangos Vol.1

Compilation of Famous Tangos La Cumparsita Comme il faut Comparsa criolla Pocas palabras asi se baila el tango patotero sentimental helmut höllriegl tango inside out tango wien tango viennaCompilation Vol.1

In this compilation you find the following sessions of Tango Music Seminar:
La Cumparsita: A Comparison of Styles | Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Troilo
Fascination Tanturi: Así se baila el tango
Twin Tangos: Comparsa criolla & Comme il faut
Di Sarli 1941: Patotero sentimental & Cuando muere el amor

La Cumparsita: A Comparison of Styles

The probably most famous tango in history. This session of Music Seminar will provide you with understanding for what choices the musicians face in their interpretation and how their choices result in their characteristic orchestra style.

Fascination Tanturi

Have you ever wondered why dancers love Ricardo Tanturi so much? Through this seminar you will understand his characteristics, in particular get an introduction to the forms of syncopation frequently used by this orchestra. At the example of 2 famous pieces ‘Así se baila el tango’ and ‘Pocas palabras’.

Twin Tangos: Comparsa criolla & Comme il faut

Two frequently played and very popular tangos at the milongas as well as for performances. Very similar in many aspects. Are they a copy of the same musical idea? Find out about all details in this sessions and create your own opinion about it. And while considering the options answer the more interesting question for us dancers how we can use our knowledge to play with it while dancing!

Di Sarli 1941

Loved by beginners as well as advanced dancers, Di Sarli combines elegance, intensive violins, cantilenas as well as strong rhythmical accents and contrasts. Get to know the components that form his style in this session.

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Compilation of Famous Tangos | Tango Music Seminar from Tango Inside Out on Vimeo.