Di Sarli Music Talks

Di Sarli – The universal favourite

Di Sarli was my first love in tango music. Probably also one of the first orchestras I got exposed to in the classes. I still love this music, although now in different way I suppose. How is this possible that a music is appealing to beginners as well as to advanced dancers at the same time?

Many times I’ve heard people saying that D’Arienzo is rhythmic and Di Sarli melodic. I guess the first thing I loved about the music were the these intense violins. So definitely many people like Di Sarli for the melodic legato lines in his music. But as with D’Arienzo we would do injustice to Di Sarli reducing him just to this. This music can also be very rhythmic and powerful. And frequently Di Sarli applies quite elaborate contracanto. Yet in contrast to Troilo and Pugliese, he relies more on repetition (than to further development of the musical structures), which gives us more chances to catch his phrasings, different articulations etc.

Di Sarli is highly popular for DJs and dancers in all his periods, but I’d say he’s in particular popular with Rufino in 40/41, Podestá 42/44 and the instrumentals from the late 50s. For the Music Talk sessions I picked one from this very famous period and one which I’d say that it’s underplayed at the milongas. Enjoy the listening!

Di Sarli/Rufino 1940-41

Invited guests: Gökçe Ceren Haznedar & Raúl Navalpotro

Di Sarli 1943

Invited guests: Manuel Frantz & Saša Vukelic

Complete list of Recordings 1939-1941 Di Sarli/Rufino

Nota bene +1 recording with Carlos Acuña

Patotero sentimental as animated score