Tango Music Seminar

How is it going with your musicality in tango? Have you developed the feeling for when the phrase starts, the syncopation is happening, the piece ends?

The aim of this music seminar series is to enable any interested tango dancer to easily identify the musical phrase and perceive the colours of the music more rich in its full spectrum through understanding how tango music is composed and what we might expect and when.

If you “have the feeling” for the phrase everything will be much easier because you will identify the moments when changes in the music most likely are about to happen. The beginning of the new part, the syncopation, the embellishments, the contracanto… If you don’t understand the phrase it seems anything can happen anytime – which sounds pretty stressful. Anytime the music could stop, anytime a mischievous syncopation could bring you out of the save track. But I can assure you, this is not the case. Like in life many things can been foreseen if you are able to read and understand the signs. What seems to be coincidence turns out to be the consequence of a series of preceding events.

You can download a little handout about the 4 elements that form the pillars of the musical structure.

A selection of currently available series:

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