Tango Music Talk

Let’s talk about Music! Talks that usually happen privately, e.g. after dinner when DJs or tango music enthusiasts start to exchange about music. Get inspired by the thoughts of those who play music for us at the milonga. Take part in the discussion or just drop by to listen! At the beginning 1 tanda is presented. Then follow interesting details, stories & anecdotes related to it finishing in an open discussion. 10 sessions on D’Arienzo, Di Sarli, Troilo, Pugliese, Caló and Tanturi. Scroll down for the recordings. Enjoy! ☺️ Di Sarli/Rufino 1940-41 | Invited guests: Gökçe Ceren Haznedar & Raúl Navalpotro D’Arienzo/Echagüe 1938-39 | Invited guests: Alla Drugova & David Mancini Pugliese instrumental 43-45 Special guests: Daniela Feilcke-Wolf & Balázs Gyenis  Troilo/Fiorentino 1942 Special guests: Sonja Zivanovic & Wolfgang Kienreich Caló valses Special guests: Zuzana Smélková & Nathan Leptin Di Sarli 1943 Special guests: Manuel Frantz & Saša Vukelic Pugliese/Montero/Maciel Special guests: Iri Strelkova & Nataliya Zavadskaya Tanturi/Campos Special guests: Matjaz Kovse & Vlado Vadlja Troilo/Ruiz Special guests: Caroline Mathias & Theresa Faus D’Arienzo instrumental 1936 2