Virginia Cutillo

Virginia Cutillo

tango dancer, actress, choreographer, from Buenos Aires.

Tango is a dance of embrace, flowing energies of giving and receiving. The purpose of our classes is to learn, discover, improve and expand the dance. We will work in the depth of technique to have flexible and sensitive bodies.

Virginia graduated as National Professor of Physical Education and studied dance, mime and theater at San Martin Cultural Center and Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center in Buenos Aires. She is trained in tango with milongueros referents and with the new tango guard forging her identity.

This allowed her to create his own space in Buenos Aires and to travel to Europe to festivals, giving seminars and shows in Poland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden.

Dancing in all the milongas of Buenos Aires as the Viruta Salón Canning. Theater of the Comedia, Astral Theater, El Galpón de Guevara, Espacio Callejón, at the Kirchner Cultural Center, 25 de Mayo Theatre.

For 5 years she was part of the Cia DNI tango directed by Dana Frigoli,
She directed Ensayo Abierto, a space for the creation and research of tango dance.

At the present time, together with Juan Cantone, they form a tango couple, their dance looks for
the approach of the new musical interpretation.

Virginia Cutillo, Buenos Aires
Foto: Moira Castellano