Music Lectures at the Remolino DJ-Festival 2021-22

Music Lectures at the Remolino DJ-Festival 2021-22

Two of the unique properties of tango music are a high degree in freedom of form & structure and its dualism of character. A tango can be rhythmic and melodic, lyric and playful, dramatic and soft, joyful and melancholic. Sometimes in different parts of the same piece, sometimes even at once in the same moment. This depends partly on the composition and partly – the bigger part – on the interpretation of the musicians: The orchestra style.

But what exactly defines the orchestra style? Are there better and worse styles – or is it primarily a question of personal taste and preference? What use is it for dancers, DJs and teachers to know more about these details?

In the lectures you will be presented in-depth details about selected tangos and a structured approach how to listen to different components of the musical structure. Furthermore, you’ll receive means and vocabulary to articulate your thoughts and impressions about tango music more easily and clearly with your friends, students and fellow DJs. Intuitive feelings and experience will be transformed into explicit and concrete knowledge. Supportive material will be provided.

Helmut Höllriegl works as opera singer, tango teacher and tango DJ. His speciality is musical understanding for dancers with a focus on the core repertoire of 1939 to 1945. You find different formats of his teaching online on Youtube and his homepage

The topics presented at Remolino 2022 are:
– January 2, La Cumparsita | What defines the orchestra style?
– January 3, Rhythm in Tango | Sources, structures & beyond
– January 4, Canto, Contracanto | Between the lines
– January 5, Orchestra styles II | The same but not the same

Lectures start at 2pm and last for 90min. Price is 12 euro per lecture if booked until 31 Dec, 18 euro afterwards.

To register click here, if you have any questions, write me.