Tango Inside Out

Fanni & Helmut

Welcome to Tango Inside Out!

Tango put spell on us. Get to know the magic! An intimate encounter between two people, a dialogue through music and movement.

October is the perfect moment to start: Every Wednesday, Tango BASICS, starting on 14 October, 8:30-10pm. For students we have a tango class at MDW on Mondays.

Tango with Fanni & Helmut: Smile, breathe, dance, enjoy!

Enrich your dance with (more) turns and pivots. Feel comfortable through spiralization & dissociation of the movement. Create awareness and play with communication and musical interpretation. (all levels)

15:00-18:00 Intensive Workshop
(including 20 min coffee break)

The topics: Ochos, giro, spiralization, dissociation & where to put them in the music.

Side topics: Communication in the couple, creating the dance together.

Register (preferably in couples) via the ticket link or via email to post@tangoinsideout.com
(maximum number of participants 6)

Prices: 40 Euro per person (reduced 30)

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A nice memory from our performance at Kulturfabrik Hainburg together with Julian Henao & the Vienna Tango Quintet. Fue un placer!

Foto Credits: Hainburger Haydngesellschaft | Florian Simon, 27. Sept 2020

Regular Classes

Our Open Class for couples. Drop in & enjoy!

Topics: Communication in the couple, personality in the dance, awareness for a released breath & last but not least musicality. In combination with a practical & fun sequence for the milonga.

Supporting video tutorials to repeat the class topics at home.

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Tango BASICS – for beginners, restarters & dancers of all levels to review the fundaments.

Topics: Connection, walk, embrace, ochos, the cross. Side topics: Communication in the couple, personality in the dance and awareness for released breath. Motto: Keep it simple & have fun!

Supporting video tutorials to repeat the class topics at home.

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Tango music is rich and has many facettes & colours. Let’s explore it more together!

Orchestra styles, (micro) epocs, fundamentals of the musical structure – each week a new examplary piece to address these topics. 

We listen, we analyse, we compare, we reproduce the music (aka tango beatboxing) and we move to it.

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10. & 24. Oktober, 11:00-12:10, all levels
Yoga-Sessions speziell konzipiert für (Tango-)Tänzer mit Felicitas Franz.
Keine Vorkenntnisse notwendig. Auch geeignet für (noch) Nicht-Tänzer! 😉

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Mondays at 6pm. Find all details on the homepage of hmdw! 🙂

Private Classes

Du willst gern noch genauer arbeiten? Du hast ein spezielles Topic, was du immer schon mal arbeiten wolltest? Oder du willst dir einfach einfach etwas Luxus zwischendurch gönnen?

In Einzelstunden können wir dich noch detaillierter auf deinem Tango-Weg begleiten. Wiederkehrende Themen sind Grundlagen, Sicherheit, deine Persönlichkeit im Tanz noch mehr zur Geltung zu bringen oder den Atemfluss noch mehr mit der Bewegung zu verbinden.

Zusätzlich gibt es die zeitliche Flexibilität. Du kannst alleine oder mit deinem Partner kommen.

Eine Stunde kostet 60,- Euro (mit Fanni oder Helmut)
Vereinbare deine Stunde per Mail.

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About us


Fanni Laurinyecz
I’ve been dancing since I was a kid. My frist love were the Hungarian folk dances, I also did 5 years of contemporary dancing and tried out different couple dances. In 2009 tango opened a completely new chapter in my life. I’ve become more and more active in the tango scene – started organising, assisting, teaching, performing. And never stopped learning and improving! I lived almost 3 years in Argentina, learnt Spanish and a looot more. When I came back to Europe I became part of a tango project for youngsters in Budapest – Hello!Tango. Since 2018 I am based in Austria, I teach tango at Conny&Dado’s dance school in Graz and my main project is Tango Inside Out with Helmut.

I like to focus on the social part of tango. I also enjoy combining general body technique with creativity and improvisation. Tradition and crossovers. Freedom through knowledge and awareness. Work and fun!

Helmut Höllriegl ist klassisch ausgebildeter Opernsänger, Tangolehrer & DJ. Aus dieser wunderbaren Kombination heraus hat er zahlreiche Übungen aus Tanz, Schauspiel und Atemtechnik miteinander verbunden und zu einer einzigartigen Methode entwickelt. Ziel ist es den Tango einfach, angenehm & geschmeidig aus dem Moment heraus zu gestalten.


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