Workshop Cycle: Orchestra Styles

Next edition: Aníbal Troilo, 9 March

Troilo is always one of my favourite moments at the milonga. The colours of his music are the most contrasting ones in the tango repertoire. Soft, strong, playful, dramatic, even aggressive sometimes, abstract, reduced, dreamy – he uses everything.

As Pugliese he likes to surprise us and to continue differently then we might expect. I guess that’s why some people label this music as challenging. Speaking about myself I can only say that I like to be surprised and that I find this very inspiring for dancing. Maybe it helps to have an idea what the surprises might look like… 😉

Milos Avramovic Helmut Höllriegl Rote Bar Volkstheater Wien Photo by Iris RogozhynaThis time with special guest Milos Avramovic to give some livedemonstrations.

Saturday, 9 March @Milonga Central
19:30-21:00, Bäckerstraße 16
25 euro (including milonga entry), for students: 20 euro

Let us know that you’re coming. 🙂

First Edition about Di Sarli:

Di Sarli was my first love in tango music. Probably also one of the first orchestras I got exposed to in the classes. I still love this music, although now in different way I suppose. How is this possible that the same music is appealing to beginners as well as to advanced dancers equally? What is your first association with Di Sarli? Do you like more his instrumentals or his recordings with singers?

The workshop will be about what defines the orchestra style and how this matters for dancing. The first part will be a lecture, the second practically applied on dancing.

Di Sarli – Workshop Handout
Focus songs were Charlemos & Patotero sentimental
with all tangos of Di Sarli with Roberto Rufino 39-41.

Videos on my channel related to Di Sarli: