Elements of Tango I-IV

Elements of Tango I-IV

Know what to expect. Similar like in cooking we have 2 sorts of decisions the musicians face: choosing the ingredients and choosing the way of preparation. Nota bene: The way of presentation might be another interesting factor for popularity which is not treated in this series.

The 4 main ingredients are:
Elements of Tango Main Them melody Musical understanding for dancers secondary themes contracanto embellishments bridges tango inside out tango wien tango vienna helmut höllriegl

The 4 main ways to prepare are:
Dimensions of Interpretation Articulation Phrasing Tempo Arrangement Orchestration Tango Inside Out Tango Vienna Tango Wien Helmut Höllriegl

You can download a little handout about the 4 elements and 4 dimensions of interpretation.

Creating awareness of what the possibilities are and how they are applied by different orchestras makes it much easier for you to incorporate the music into your body and thus play with it and create your own style of interpretation through the dance.

Available on Vimeo or on Eversports.

Listen to the focus songs treated in the courses on prepared playlists: