Video Library

Recorded Classes, Youtube & Vimeo

Many of our Zoom-Classes have been recorded and are available now on Vimeo on demand or per private link. Write us if you’re interested.

Checkout also our Youtube-Channel.

Subpages per category:

– Animated Scores
See what you hear. Discover the development of the melody, rhythmical details, contracanto, bridges and more.

– Tango Classes
Full class videos (70 min) for couples and solo training. Beginner & intermediate level.

– Yoga & Pilates
Workouts and easy sessions to start the day.

– Tango Music Seminar
Deepen your musical understanding. 90 min sessions dedicated to orchestra periods or fundamental elements that form the music.

– Tango Music Talk
60 min easy listening, 3 DJs discussing a tanda.