Troilo Music Talks

Aníbal Troilo – Always different

Troilo is always one of my favourite moments at the milonga. The colours of his music are the most contrasting ones in the tango repertoire. Soft, strong, playful, dramatic, even aggressive sometimes, abstract, reduced, dreamy – he uses everything.

As Pugliese he likes to surprise us and to continue differently then we might expect. I guess that’s why some people label this music as challenging. Speaking about myself I can only say that I like to be surprised and that I find this very inspiring for dancing. Maybe it helps to have an idea what the surprises might look like… 😉

For a DJ, Troilo provides a great amount of possibilities how to compose the tanda. Most often we hear Troilo/Fiorentino 41 and Troilo/Marino at the milonga. For the sessions of Music Talk, I decided to present the very special year of 42 and a tanda of Troilo/Ruiz.

Troilo/Fiorentino 1942

Special guests: Sonja Zivanovic & Wolfgang Kienreich

Troilo/Ruiz 45-47

Special guests: Caroline Mathias & Theresa Faus

Full list of recordings of Troilo/Fiorentino 42 (in alphabetical order):