Workshops with Maria & Panagiotis

Class Schedule Maria Panagiotis Vienna 2023 Tango Wien Atelier SOL

Workshop Program

with Maria Mastoropoulou & Panagiotis Triantafyllou.
8-10 December at Atelier SOL & Milonga Central.

3 Seminars, 1 Vals Class before Milonga Central, Show on Friday at the Atelier SOL Opening Milonga.

The concept of the seminars is to work in depth on 2 related topics. In between will be a break with coffee, snacks and other refreshments to keep you energized.

Friday 15:00-18:15 @Atelier SOL

Part I: BASICS REVISITED. A class when we discuss topics that we hear at the beginning of our tango journey, with the spicy details that make them advanced.
Part II: TOUCHING THE SOUL OF THE EMBRACE. Exploring the colors and depths that the embrace can have and finding ways to communicate feelings.

Saturday 13:00-16:15 @Atelier SOL

Part I: GIROS. Create accelerations and decelerations in the giro to have a wider margin of dynamics.
Part II: CALESITA. The role of the active follower. Sequences to bloom inside the embrace with fluidity and elegance.

Saturday 19:30-21:00 @Milonga Central

Developing a repertoire of sequences and combinations specifically designed for Tango Vals.

Sunday 14:30-17:45 @Atelier SOL

Part I: SOLTADAS. Breaking the embrace without losing connection. Playful linear and circular sequences.
Part II: THE 1m2 DANCE: Creative ways to dance when the space is limited.

Seminars (3h): 55,- euro per person (early bird prices: 45/50 euro until 20 Nov/3 Dec)
Vals Class (1,5h): 28,- euro per person (early bird price 23 euro until 20 Nov)
Private Classes (1h): 90,- euro with Maria or Panagiotis
3 Seminars + Vals Class: 150 euro until 20 Nov/ 165 euro until 3 Dec
All Classes + Milonga entries (Fri, Sat, Sun): 175 euro until 20 Nov/ 190 euro until 3 Dec

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Panagiotis & Maria – Tango Dancers and Instructors

We are Panagiotis and Maria, passionate tango dancers and experienced instructors, bringing our unique blend of expertise and creativity to the tango world. As a couple in both dance and life, our partnership is founded on a deep love for tango and a shared commitment to sharing its beauty with others.

Dance Journey:
Panagiotis started his tango journey in 2013 and quickly became a prominent figure in the tango community. His engineering background adds a geometrical and applied method to his teaching, ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience for students. He has been running tango schools in his hometown as well as two tango schools in Stockholm. He’s also a founding member of the group Tango Nomads, a renowned tango group in Greece which organises events with a main focus on community shares.

Maria, on the other hand, began her tango adventure in 2008, and over the years, she has established herself as an influential presence in the tango scene. With her operating tango school in Kalamata, Greece, she has nurtured and inspired numerous dancers on their tango paths. Moreover, Maria’s exceptional organizational skills shine through in her successful coordination of Los Higos, one of Europe’s most renowned tango marathons, and the Kalamata Tango Festival for five consecutive years.

Teaching Philosophy:
Together, we offer a holistic approach to tango instruction that combines technical precision. We want every “why should this happen” to have a reason behind it and we often use plain physics laws to explain the mechanics behind movements. Our synergy as a couple translates into seamless partner dynamics and a deeper understanding of the connection between lead and follow. We strive to create a warm and welcoming learning environment, encouraging students to explore their creativity while mastering the fundamental techniques.

Tango Community Contributions:
We believe in giving back to the tango community, and apart from teaching and performing, we have actively contributed to organising and hosting events that celebrate the art and spirit of tango. Our involvement in these events has further enriched our understanding of the diverse aspects of tango and fostered connections with dancers from all over the world.