Pugliese Music Talks

San Pugliese

Do you already love Pugliese? This intensity, these universal emotions embodied by the music, the strong contrasts between free and rhythmic sections, regularly an unexpected turn that catches us as a surprise.

My impression is that in many communities  there are 2 groups of dancers – one that loves Pugliese and one that thinks this music is too complex and demanding for the milonga.

There are currently 2 sessions of Tango Music Talk available dedicated to Pugliese. I hope they will present you some new aspects to appreciate this very special music. Click on the names to get to know more about the invited guests.

Pugliese instrumental 43-45

Special guests: Daniela Feilcke-Wolf & Balázs Gyenis


Special guests: Iri Strelkova & Nataliya Zavadskaya