Mastering Syncopation in Tango

Syncopation in Tango Inside Out Helmut Höllriegl Tango Wien ViennaMastering Syncopation in Tango

Syncopation is a recurring element in tango music. There are tangos with a lot of syncopation happening, some with just a little, but none without. From the dancer’s perspective syncopation can be a lot of fun to play with or quite challenging, sometimes even stressful as it’s creating irregularities in the flow of the music.

This seminar series will help you to understand what syncopation actually is, what different shapes it takes, when it occurs most often and last but not least how we can incorporate it into our movements.

This series includes 3 sessions + 2 bonus lessons:
– Syncopation I: Developing the Feeling for Chain and Single Syncopation
– Syncopation II: 3-3-2 Syncopation and Milonga
– All About Syncopation: A Basic Guide for the Social Dancer

Download here a short handout about syncopation.

Graphic Illustration of 6 Examples:

Trailer Syncopation I:

Trailer Syncopation II:

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