Tanturi Caló Music Talks

Tanturi Caló Music Talks

After the Big Four Ricardo Tanturi and Miguel Caló are 2 very favourites of the 2nd row orchestras. While djing I often play 2 tandas of them each. The soft and and gentle colours of Caló’s sound captured me from the very beginning. Marión, Tristezas de la calle Corrientes, Percal… I had some favourites I could recognise right away – also thanks to the charecteristic pling of the piano at the very end. And now many years later I still love the moment of Caló at the milonga.

Tanturi on the other hand was love on 2nd sight. I guess it was a combination of bad transfers (I really recommend the TangoTunes publication for Tanturi) and different choices of songs they recorded, which made it harder at the beginning as I didn’t know them. Now I love Tanturi with Castillo, with Campos, intrumental, Valses, Milongas… I’d say it is his colourful shading, rather reduced but always some interesting structures with pauses and beautiful syncopation. Rich colours of the violin and bandoneon section and lots of choices for the DJ when it comes to Castillo or Campos.

Caló Valses 1941-45

Invited guests: Zuzana Smékalová & Nathan Leptin

Tanturi Campos 1943-45

Invited guests: Matjaž Kovše & Vlado Vadlja