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Majo Martirena

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Majo was born in Uruguay, where she started dancing at the age of 16. She worked as a dancer and teacher in different cities of the country until she was summoned to be part of the DNI Tango Company and School, in Buenos Aires.

There she worked for 6 years as a teacher at that school and as a dancer for the Company, dancing in the most important theaters and milongas in Buenos Aires.

She began to travel the world working in different international festivals and schools with Rodrigo Fonti.

Majo was part of festivals and collaborated with different teachers such as Mariano Chicho Frumboli and Horacio Pebete Godoy. Then he moved to Lyon where he worked with Carlos Espinoza for a year in which they worked at various festivals around the world.

After this period she was working for two years in different festivals in Europe and Asia with Pablo Rodriguez.

She was a member and founder of the La Bicicleta tango school, in Torino, Italy. Where she worked and trained teachers for two years, a school that is still standing.