Workshops with Majo Martirena & Rodrigo Fonti

Majo Martirena & Rodrigo Fonti in Vienna

Majo Martirena & Rodrigo Fonti Tango Wien Vienna Atelier SOL Tangobar Galeria Ideal

We’re very happy to welcome Majo & Rodrigo in Vienna from 7-10 June 2023.

Wednesday, 7 June, @Atelier SOL
19:00-20:00   Transformers Tango Technique
Tango technique, motions motors, floor push, speed changes.

20:15-21:45   High quality of connection
How to share  my dance with my partner? Connection and communication in the couple, experiment possibilities of embrace, discover the guides of the body to do circular movements.

21:45+ Practica

Thursday, 8 June, @Tangobar
20:00-21:00   The Beauty of Walking
Experiments different qualities in the walk, density and fluid, oppositions in the embrace.

21:00-1:00   Milonga with Show of Majo & Rodrigo (included in the workshop price)

Friday, 9 June, @Galeria Ideal
19:00-20:30    Trust in me (Colgadas)
Movements out of axe, share axes and little colgadas.

21:00-1:00   Milonga (reduced price for workshop participants)

Saturday, 10 June, @Atelier SOL
13:00-14:30   With the Music in your Blood
Concepts and guidelines to interpret the music as we want. Recognize the musical phrasing of singers and instruments, discovering different qualities of movement stimulated by the musical style of orchestras.

15:00-16:30   Musicality & Technique of Boleos
Boleos technique in different rhythmic, how to lead  them and put them into music, respecting anticipation, musical accents, place and space.

21:00-2:00   Milonguita Montevideo

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Prices (per person):
1 Couple Workshop: 30 Euro
2 Couple Workshops: 55 Euro
3 Couple Workshops: 80 Euro
4 Couple Workshops: 105 Euro
Solo Technique: 25 Euro
Workshop @Tangobar (incl. Milonga): 25 Euro
Private Classes: 90 Euro

Cancellation until 1 week before the first workshop, 15 Euro handling fee.

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Impressions from the Workshops & Shows of Yamila & Rodrigo in 2022: